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I will highlight the view that the internet will be the master of
human life one day. Maybe this thesis is exaggerated because the internet
first tried to simplify all human affairs. In the last few decades, no part of
human life is not helped by the internet or digital systems.

However, what do you imagine if the situation turns around. The
internet is your bossThe internet determines all decisions in everyday life. 

When all your mind and consciousness contents are not governed by yourself but
by the internet, you are not stuck. Even in your own body, you no longer have
the power and strength to manage it freely and independently

This imagination is difficult to understand because we still
depend on the power of digital. Therefore, if the situation is reversed, have we prepared ourselves to face it? 

For example, when your house is
connected to the internet, they can read and analyze your habits, from
waking up in the morning to going to bed at night.

Because you have diabetes symptoms, the refrigerator will lock
itself because you are food that endangers your health. You are asked to
exercise until you have the pulse the health system wants you to have. The
sound of the alarm will be repeated if you start doing anything against the
wishes of the results of the internet analysis.

When you shop at the supermarket, the card cannot pay because
there is a medical history embedded in your card chip when something you buy
does not match the results of the health analysis. Then, you cannot chat with
your friends because potential diseases have been detected by friends or yourself.

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Likewise, the internet does not recognize this term for those who
have done evil and have a criminal record, even though they have repented.
Wherever you go, CCTV will record all your activities. Then it is analyzed
about the development of your daily behavior until it reaches a certain point
to be given opportunities to carry out everyday activities.

You can also suddenly become poor when your behavior does not
match the word ‘good person’ from the algorithmic analysis because you cannot
apply for a job. 

Wherever you go, the control system of the other person’s
device or around you will signal that you are someone to watch and fear. 

Because of this, all the systems around you declare you a person who can be a
potential danger to yourself or others.

Likewise, if you have been in cyberspace since the age of 5, from
Tik Tok to traveling, your life will be straightforward to manage and controlled by
the internet because they have memorized all your habits since toddlers. You
ask the internet as a “helper” who handles your life as you have been
accustomed to since childhood.

So far, our habits may have been used in the business industry.
Certain parties collect data from cyberspace about us for business purposes. 

So, today ads or offers that enter our devices, we can not avoid furthermore,
if all the contents of our heads and consciousness are no longer only for
business but to control and make us prisoners in the real world that are
governed and fostered by the internet.

 Of course, this story will be
interesting when something that used to be a ‘follower’ suddenly gradually he has turned into ‘our boss.’

Who is Your Boss?

 Everyone knows that the best boss is the one you do not have. However, in today’s digital world, the same can be said for your worst boss: the one who lurks under every joke on social media, every blog post, and email address you send out to friends and colleagues.

The anonymous “internet” has become a ruthless reality check for anyone struggling to present themselves online as a whole person. With so many people now operating from behind closed doors, it is no wonder that more of us are falling victim to online judgment and accountability. 

So if your boss is constantly asking you why someone did not like their latest internet post or what you could do better next time, they are not a great role model for you right now. 

Here are some things you should do if your boss becomes an excessive internet presence on social media.

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Ditch The Selfies


Employees are notoriously bad at keeping their phones in their pockets at work, but more importantly, your internet presence is also something you need to understand as an individual. 


People will judge you online just as much as they will in person — perhaps even more so. In the age of “fake news” and social media campaigns designed to sway public opinion, online presence is now crucial for success in any career, which means that you need to present yourself online as the real you in the workplace. 


The only way to do this is to ditch the selfie and try to keep your phone in your pocket.


Take A Step Back


Do not respond to everything your boss posts online. You are unlikely to get anywhere this way, as tempting as it may be to respond to everything your boss says or shares.


 While it might feel great to launch a comeback when your colleagues post jokes on Facebook, it will probably create more negative attention than you started with.


 In the age of internet stardom, it is essential to remember that less is more. Do not answer every internet post. Take a step back.


Stop Using Social Media Networks

While it is essential to have a social media presence to network with colleagues, you do not need to use every network your boss does.
 You do not need to engage with all the jokes and memes on Instagram, and you do not need to post on Twitter. Find the networks that are not relevant to your career and avoid those not relevant to you. 
You might not think your boss likes cat videos on Instagram, but it matters to them. It matters to them in the same way that it matters to you that your boss has human emotions and thoughts.


Find Someone Who Can Help You Develop Online


If your boss regularly asks you to do more online, maybe it is time to reach out to a career coach. 


You can learn how to develop your online presence, avoid some of the negative attention you are currently attracting and, most importantly, get some objective feedback on your skills.


Ask Why They Use The Platforms They Do


You have probably noticed that your boss is pretty fond of the internet. You have probably also seen that it would become an excessive obsession for them.


 So when your boss asks you why they love the internet, ask them why they love it. If there is one thing that you can learn from a boss who has become an internet celebrity, it is how to ask good questions.

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Stay Focused On What Matters Most To You


The only reason your boss would spend so much time on the internet is that they love it. If you do not want them to remain trapped in an online reality, it is essential to remind them of the real world. 


Signs of internet use include talking about how much time they spend online, looking tired and running errands for the internet.


Stop Posting Things Online


The internet has opened up the world of blogging and sharing to a whole new audience, which is excellent. However, this also means that you are likely to run into people who troll while using the same old prejudices that people have always used. 


Your internet content can also be more damaging than your boss’s content. If you are posting things on social media that you would not want your boss to see, there is a good chance they will stumble across them.


Be More Present On Social Media


If your boss is constantly posting online, the best thing you can do is be more present on social media yourself. It is easy to slip into posting status updates and tweets from your phone, so turn it off before bed. 


It is also essential to maintain professionalism online, so make sure that you post things that show the real you. In the same way, you need to present the accurate you online; you need to be present online.


Show your boss there is more to you than work.


The internet is a place where everyone is famous. It is a vast platform to share your thoughts and opinions, but unfortunately, this also allows everyone to do this. 


You cannot control what people say about you online, but you can control how you choose to respond to it. So make sure that you are posting things that show your true personality.


 Make sure that you are sharing photos of things that are not work-related, posting things that are not about work, and reminding yourself that the internet does not define you. 


It is important to remember that the internet is just a platform. It can be used for good or bad, but you can choose how to use it.


Do not panic — fix it.


If you feel like your boss is becoming an excessive internet presence, do not panic. There are a few things you can do to fix this problem. 


Please recognize that you have a problem and that you have control over it. Talk to your boss about it. If you do not want to let your boss take over your online presence, do not let them. 


Explain that you understand that they love the internet but that it is essential for you to keep your work-related online presence professional.


Remind yourself that the internet is only a platform and can be used for good or bad. If you choose to use it for evil, it is not who you are. It is just a tool.


Learn How To Use The Internet Yourself


The most important thing to remember if your boss is becoming an excessive internet presence is that you have to learn how to use the internet for yourself. 


It cannot be taught, so you have to do it yourself. If you have a problem with your internet presence, do not keep it to yourself. 


Talk to your friends, talk to a professional and even talk to your boss about it. There are no quick fixes to internet issues, and the only way to fix them is to work on them. 


You cannot just fix your internet presence overnight, and you cannot expect things to improve automatically. You have to work on it.



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