Will Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono attract voters from the millennials?

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It may not be difficult to answer the question.
Because, of course, he will attract millennials in the upcoming election. I
think this answer is straightforward.

AHY is a former mid-level military officer who
retired at a young age. His wife is a former famous artist. His father was the
former president of the Republic of Indonesia. His communication style is very
authoritative, just like his father’s. His posture is very energetic. Having
studied higher education abroad, it is almost similar to the experience of
Luhut Binsar Panjaitan’s son. Both of them departed from Indonesia when they
were still majors. SBY’s charisma is still visible in AHY. He is 43 years old.

However, for the Indonesian context, this political
capital is not enough. AHY was tested by “political drama” last year.
When the party he leads is about to be seized by a group of people from within
his party, it will continue to loom. AHY’s leadership factor as party leader will
continue to be tested, especially when cadres do not show their loyalty to the
party. Those who are “offended” will continue to seek ways to seize
the party led by AHY.

Fortunately, the solidity of the party was
re-established. At that time, SBY had to “go down the mountain” to
secure his son’s position as Head of the Partai Demokrat. Millennials may not
consider this event meaningful; some will join this party.

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So far, the youngest chairman of a national political
party, whose members have “seats” in Parliament, is AHY. However, the
seniors of this party, who were expelled from party members, will undoubtedly
find a way to emboss this party one day.

Hopefully, the parliamentarians from their party will
not be involved in corruption cases. However, the political opponents of the
Democratic Party, of course, will “play tapes” against several
corruption cases that ensnared members of the Democratic Party. AHY must be
wise in dealing with this attack, both from political opponents and within his

Therefore, AHY needs to carry out various public
activities that attract millennials. Millennials are fast learners and have
fast thinking. So, AHY must be able to enter the minds of the millennial group.
They are speedy to sympathize if their emotions are touched. AHY must be able
to manage the thinking and emotions of millennials.

The main thing that AHY must master is choosing a
communication strategy in politics. His father had developed a political
strategy by managing his mind and setting a clear heart when carrying out political
missions until he stepped up to the palace.

I suspect AHY has and will teach AHY what and how to
do political communication strategies. If he can copy and paste from his
father’s figure, this is the initial capital to captivate the hearts of millennials.
Almost, if not all, millennials like the figure of SBY.

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After having a good communication strategy, AHY must
also choose the moment and comment at the right time. He does not need to be
quick to offend if something he does not like is in the public domain.
Refraining from commenting at inappropriate times is the main recipe for AHY.
He must take the lesson to learn the impact of the style of Puan Maharani’s communication

AHY also needs to respond to diplomatic issues at the
regional and international levels. I have no doubts about his English, but what
matters is the impact of his speeches in international forums. He should open
his arms to many groups and parties at the international level. Sometimes,
intelligence analysts will analyze the content of a leader’s opinion in the
international forum.

Usually, every young Indonesian leader candidate will
be invited to various international forums. They were asked to give public
lectures in front of academics. They were giving his views in front of senior diplomats.
Express his thoughts on global issues, including the economy, security, climate
change, and health. This process will finalize these young leaders candidates’
way and appearance before they get strategic positions in their country.

The role of the think tank behind AHY is very
significant. His father used to take advantage of the academic group that
provided various inputs to SBY when he had to give lectures in international
forums. Sometimes, the content of the speech must be corrected so that the
message conveyed is measurable, directed, and systematic.

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SBY also seems to be used to giving speeches without
text because he has a good memory in remembering what to say, with the level of
emotions and thoughts that are managed by himself. Young people are very
quickly fascinated by the disposition of someone who is looking bright.
Nevertheless, they also analyze how a person behaves behind his charismatic

Therefore, if AHY’s character is as desired, then it
is possible that in 2029 or 2034, he will be able to compete for the
opportunity to lead the country. This space and opportunity are still wide open
for AHY. I am not worried about the year 2024 to continue AHY’s political
career. As long as he can build good leadership and maintain the loyalty of his
party members, this success may be his “savings” for him in 2029.

So, suppose we return to the original question about
AHY’s ability to attract millennials. In that case, the answer lies with AHY.
Is he preparing himself to be an “example” of future Indonesian
leaders? If this is done, then millennials may deliver themselves to the
pinnacle of leadership in this republic. Maybe this is an exaggerated answer,
but above all, I might be wrong in understanding AHY.

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