8 Future World Scenarios

This essay is my research on the world’s future history. I am interested in discussing the world’s future history with three main arguments.

First, because today’s world always prioritizes science and technology, the size of world civilization will be measured by the progress of these two things. However, if science and technology fail, the religious spirit will be asked to play its role again in regulating the world order. However, if religion does not have a standard form, science and technology may destroy humans.

Second, if science and technology do not succeed in awakening the spirit, then the global order (world order) may slowly collapse. In the last few decades, the impact of science and technology on the religious spirit has not shown satisfactory results.

Because science and technology aim to make humans gods (Kaku, 2011), this is very worrying if, in the future, democracy and capitalism cannot survive, then simultaneously, science and technology will become “new weapons” for humans.

Third, science and technology become predators of religious spirit, so developed countries will test their intelligence capabilities to make third countries a victim. With this model, the pattern of world balance has resulted in science and technology becoming the main killing tools against countries that are not advanced in this regard.

This pattern of killing is not only through war but also through character assassination and human values. Therefore, war will remain the primary choice for developed countries to test their technological capabilities and change the world order system.

There are at least eight scenarios for the world’s future history from the three main premises above.

In the first scenario, the West will strengthen the power of intelligence to suck all the earth’s energy for the survival of its citizens, which is a move to annex the West to other regions.

Even after this annexation mission was carried out and had reaped success, the religious mission was still juxtaposed with the primary mission. Some of the leading companies in the West undertake missions to dominate the earth’s energy worldwide.

This scenario is based on the continuity of a civilization. The control of this scenario is carried out through the control of Western countries’ overall earth energy control activities.

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Thus, the form of mastery is through the military and diplomacy.  Rich countries in natural products often do not experience an essential welfare process for their people.

Second scenario: The West will continue the tradition of war.

This scenario wants to explain that war will continue to dominate the world’s future history. It is just that new types of war will be carried out more by the West. Weak countries in defense and security have only two choices against the West: join and submit to Western interests or become enemies.

Therefore, the race and reproduction of weapons for defense and security will be a significant issue, apart from energy, in the future. Every country is prepared for a problematic condition, namely when it is about to be attacked by the West. The country that is almost ready to go to war in all conditions is the United States.

This affirmation is also added to the view of the United States intelligence expert, George Friedman (2010: 18), who said, “…the United States is only at the beginning of its power. The twenty-first century will be the American century.” The main target of the United States is to carry out the first scenario above.

The third scenario: the West will expand its influence by dividing other countries.

Human life has always been governed by the influence exercised by developed countries on developing world countries. In addition to the power and control of the words, keywords in the 21st century AD, the word influence is the term most often used in geopolitical discourse.

This hierarchy of influence dominates the thinking system of a country, and its people are no exception. Influence through the order system will still play a role in the future. All United States alliances have received United States influence. The greater the influence exerted on an area, the more likely the area is to be divided.

Fourth scenario: The West will distribute technology with the model “we give you our science and technology, but we need your body and energy.”

In the history of relations between the West and others, only two interests have prevailed: the West trying to take the earth’s energy from other countries and trying to control the contents of the mind through science and technology.

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Developing countries have not thought about how to process energy, as shown by developed countries. In other words, the technology gap is an inhibiting factor for developing countries from utilizing energy from the earth.

The philosophy that technology provides benefits, is practical, and reduces distance and time, is a building block of thought that we must follow current developments. Therefore, the West will provide a guarantee globally, namely that all human beings are invited to enter the realm of technology.

Non-Western nations will be given enlightenment after enlightenment to take advantage of the impact of knowledge from the West to other places. Through the modernization process, technology distribution is carried out on a massive scale.

In this scenario, the course of history will give the impression that if you have not utilized technology and science, then the country has not been said to be advanced.

Scenario Five: The West will face a war against extraterrestrials.

Today, efforts to conduct intelligence investigations into outer space are increasingly being carried out. Although this is still in the form of artificial intelligence, including in various films, at this time, the West’s efforts to continue to communicate with extraterrestrials are increasingly being carried out.

One of the names of programs to investigate matters of a spatial nature is known as SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). Kaku (2010: 396) states that “…the SETI program is becoming a serious scientific project.”

How does it affect if there is two-way communication between humans on earth and extraterrestrials? It must be admitted that the role of non-human beings is very influential on human life. The term that is often used is Higher Intelligence.

The sixth scenario: the West seems to have the power of Prophet David and Prophet Solomon. 

In prophetic history, two prophets could exercise control over the universe, namely Prophet David and Prophet Solomon. Prophet David is known as David in the West, while Prophet Solomon is known as Solomon. Prophet Solomon is the son of Prophet David. Prophet David was famous for his superiority in controlling the power of iron.

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Meanwhile, Prophet Solomon was able to control the universe and talk to animals with the permission of Allah. Today, the West has ambitions to try to put technology forward, like the experience of the two prophets.

Seventh scenario: The West will succumb to the power and dominion of the Heavenly Kingdom.

Currently, various efforts are being made by the West to link the power of science and technology with the power of the Heavenly Kingdom. Both novels and films were shown by the West always answer what humans will do if at any time creatures from outer space come to earth.

Not only this, but humans are also trying to recognize space through intelligence patterns toward extraterrestrials. Efforts to get to the UFO are an attempt to “get acquainted” with the intelligence of creatures other than humans.

Likewise, efforts to recognize God with the power of science and technology continue to be made. These two things are also triggered by the human desire to gain God’s power or, at the very least, to want to be like God.

The eighth scenario: the influence of the West in the process of the Apocalypse.

It must be believed that no one knows the end of this world except the Creator of this Universe, Allah. The signs of the Apocalypse have been reported, both in the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet. However, in the affirmation of world civilization, human technology alwayas looks up to the sky.

Human-engineered technology is often confronted with “sky technologies” in Western films.” Various technological discoveries on earth always emphasize that there is a great power that governs this universe.

News about the Apocalypse is believed by Muslims and is also used as a standard for strengthening human technology by the West. The imagination of the Apocalypse has been presented in films that imagine if the earth ends. Thus, the Apocalypse is not something that has never been the subject of contemplation of technology in the West.



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