How Does the Devil Comment on Google’s Behavior in Today’s World?


As a public figure, Google is often the target of criticism for handling user privacy and other ethical concerns. In response to this criticism, the Devil has made several appearances in recent news articles by making statements regarding Google’s behavior. The Devil’s comments on Google are examples of satire, intending to mock human behavior and society as a whole rather than target individuals. The following article explores the Devil’s statement on Google and how it represents standard views on our world today.


The Devil’s Take: Google is Making Our World a Better Place

Google’s search engine is one of the most powerful tools on the internet, so, naturally, people would be concerned with how it’s used. Some individuals have even accused Google of stealing their data, but the Devil assures us that Google is “making our world a better place.” While this comment might seem like a blatant lie, it is a statement that many search engine experts agree with. And while many are still worried about their privacy, the Devil assures us that their fears are unfounded. Searching for any bit of information in a matter of seconds is a revolutionary tool. With this in mind, it is clear that Google has added countless benefits to our society.

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The Devil’s Take: Google is Contributing to Society

At one point in time, privacy was an important issue, but today there are more pressing concerns. One of the primary concerns associated with Google is the knowledge that the company stores everything users do while signing into their accounts. As a result, many people are worried about their privacy being invaded. “Why are you interested,” the Devil asks, “worrying about your privacy while so many other issues are plaguing our society?” Although he may be overstating the issue, the Devil is essentially trying to convince us that we should be more concerned with helping others than protecting our privacy. The Devil’s argument is intended to make us reevaluate our priorities.


The Devil’s Take: You Should be Thankful Google Exists

Despite its many benefits, Google has also been involved in many scandals. One of the most controversial issues associated with Google is that it scans user data to provide personalized ads. Groups such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation have argued that this process violates user privacy, but the Devil has a different opinion. “You should be thankful that Google exists,” he says, “because without Google’s ads, how would you be able to feed your family?” The Devil’s comment makes us think about how dependent we have become on Google. Our data would lose many of us without services such as YouTube and Gmail. Because of this, the Devil believes that Google deserves praise rather than criticism.

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The Wish of the Devil to Google

Throughout the article, the Devil makes several comments regarding the relationship between Google and the rest of the world. In many of these instances, he wishes that Google would act a certain way. The Devil wishes that Google would “forget your past and focus on the future.” He also expects that Google would “not worry about pleasing everyone” and “just worry about pleasing yourself.” A common theme in the Devil’s comments is his wish for Google to be less concerned with what other people think and more focused on itself. He believes that by doing this, Google will be better off.


The Common Things Between Devil and Google

Even though the Devil makes several comments regarding Google, he also makes it clear that he has realized several similarities between himself and the company. At one point, the Devil states that he and Google are “misunderstood monsters.” Another time, he comments that “both [he] and Google are always willing to take a risk.” The Devil’s comments regarding his similarities with Google serve several purposes. First, they allow him to portray himself as a more positive figure. They also let him show his insight into human nature and Google’s behavior.

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Why Devil Should Thank Google?

As the article progresses, the Devil’s comments become increasingly critical of Google and society. At one point, he even states that “society has let [Google] down” and that “[Google] has become a victim of its success.” The Devil has grown frustrated with society’s treatment of Google, and his comments reflect this sentiment. While the Devil may be frustrated, he should thank Google for providing valuable services that help him collect user data. The Devil should be thankful because Google has provided him with a platform to spread his message. Without Google, the Devil would have nowhere to go and would be forced to shut down his operations.


Devil’s Vision in Google’s Vision

The relationship between the Devil and Google is complex, but the two are dependent on each other. Google provides the Devil with a platform for spreading his message, and the Devil offers Google with data. While Google has provided the Devil with a great opportunity, he remains critical of the company and society. The Devil is frustrated with Google and the community but cannot do anything about it. For now, he must be thankful that Google is giving him a platform to speak. But soon enough, Devil will force Google to shut down services like YouTube and Gmail. At that point, the Devil will lose his platform and will be forced to remain silent.


Can Google and Devil Work Together?

The relationship between the Devil and Google is an interesting one. While the Devil wishes to make Google more independent and focused on itself, Google provides a platform for the Devil to spread his message. At this point, the Devil is critical of Google and society, but he cannot do anything about it. He has to be thankful for the opportunity Google has provided to him. But with time, the Devil will grow more frustrated with Google and society. Eventually, he will reach a breaking point and have to be shut down. Can Google and Devil work together? The relationship between them is a complex one, but it is also one that must exist.

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