Seeing the World from a Travel Vlogger’s Experience




Usually, we used to enjoy various corners of the earth. We tended
to be from reports by researchers or journalists. They will report anything
that can be categorized as news to enjoy. However, Travel Vloggers appeared who
broadcast the news of their eyes through social media. They prepare various
tools to provide the best results from each spot or area they pass, presented
on their channels on various social media platforms.




When I started YouTube, I realized the various beauties of this
earth without watching various news from international television networks. The
war zone presented by the journalists is a piece of natural beauty and the
friendliness of the very evocative and empathetic people. Some travel vloggers
present news and views that provide positive energy. Areas that usually must be
avoided, in the hands of travel vloggers, become areas that must be visited.

The question is why. What Travel Vlogger shows is a new industry
in cyberspace. People must watch on the channel. The more people who subscribe,
the more coffers of income they will get. The more unique the portrait of
people’s lives is presented, the more curious netizens will be in that

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The phenomenon of eyesight reports from travelers is getting more
and more in cyberspace. Some travelers are willing to live in various parts of
the earth to want to know what they do not know about the inhabitants of this
earth. Therefore, it is not surprising that the round-the-world campaign has
become increasingly popular among the global community. They want to see how
human life on this planet is with their own eyes. In other words, the mass
media coverage that tends to use an agenda-setting mindset is increasingly
being abandoned by netizens.

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Not only that, sometimes the news on television begins to
introduce “real good news,” rather than “bad news is good
news.” Moreover, when overlanders, adventurers, and travel vloggers
introduce what is good to present to their viewers, the negative image or image
of an area is increasingly vanishing. The haunted area that social media
activists have explored has become a place no longer so haunted or scary.




Thus, changes in the way people view their own lives tend to have
changed completely. People are increasingly convinced and believe that there is
every good that has been available in this nature. This kindness, which was
initially not reported, is increasingly recognized by the global community.
Some areas that have become war zones have begun to sympathize with the world’s
population to voice peace in all corners of the earth.

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The creativity of these travelers affects the industry in
cyberspace and the image of the global community. Suppose the earth has been
well photographed and gained goodness in it. It is predicted that knowledge
about the meaning of brotherhood will be strengthened at the end of the earth’s

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Finally, we will find out where the negative energy of the
earth’s people is if travelers have well informed every corner of the earth.
Was not this knowledge of the earth initially reported by travelers?


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