The Role of Millennial Influencers in National Politics


  Recently,  two high-ranking
officials (Jokowi and Prabowo) attended the wedding of a famous Youtuber in
Indonesia, which is surprising.

For example, the marriage of an ordinary person, asking the two
high-ranking officials of the country to be witnesses, or just attending the
wedding of these high-ranking officials. Of course, you need multifaceted
answers; that ordinary person will not attract the attention of extraordinary
people. So, it is implausible that the two high-ranking officials of this
country will attend the wedding of ordinary people who are sometimes not well
known among netizens.

This condition shows that essential people are valued and no
longer apply to traditionally understood, namely one’s status, charisma, and
intellectual and spiritual qualities. At that time, someone was important, not
even from the education degree taken and his academic work. All are measured by
the extent of a person’s influence in cyberspace. The more followers and
content in great demand, that figure will become the new idol.

The existence of the millennial generation today is indeed
significant to pay attention to their role in the political arena, even though
they are not involved in politics. However, their influences, marked by the
number of followers or subscribers, can be used in every moment of political
celebration, such as regional elections, general elections, and presidential
elections. Therefore, this shift gives a strong indication that even though the
quality of the content is only eating or traveling, if there are many viewers,
it will make that person an important person.

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Ten years ago, political parties or presidential candidates
tended to look to artists to strengthen their supporter base. Usually, the
meaning of being a legislative candidate or candidate for regional leader,
because of their electability. Thus, several artists then strolled into Senayan
or became leaders. The world of art and politics cannot be separated.

However, in the last five years, influencers who are generally
under 30 have become stars in the field. Artists also swerve to become content
creators on social media, such as Youtube or Instagram. Even though they do
things considered creativity based on earning sustenance through various ways,
ranging from showing off or art of reputation or art of selling self to
pranking others (prank), if he attracts fans on his social media channels, he
will also become a target for social and political activities.

Introducing yourself to be in the highest pyramid in cyberspace
does not require a particular school or training in college. Anyone can become
a teacher, as long as they are good at presenting as a content creator.
Politicians also learn from millennials to achieve the highest position in the
pyramid of power.

So, the relationship between the millennial generation and
political life has begun to be beaten. Many politicians have created social
media channels to benefit political education or even political activities and
motives. Likewise, some politicians have begun to be invited to work with
celebrities on social media to introduce themselves and their thoughts to the
millennial generation. This is social assistance, but indeed the older generation
who wants to be accepted by the new generation must use social media as a

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On the other hand, influencers sometimes turn into buzzers in
political life. Nowadays, these two terms have become very familiar in the ears
of netizens. We do not know whether this situation will create conditions that
the world of politics will also be filled with political models as content
creators, namely ordinary things, become extraordinary because it aims to catch
up with the number of viewers and subscribers. If this is the case, the virtual
world has changed life in the real world once again.

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