Towards Unification of Knowledge and Information for Society




Today, I always meet every individual, especially those who often
consume information from social media. Parents who rely their knowledge on
information thrown at WAG and Youtube when invited to be friends. The
preference for political discussions at any time will be more uniform, along with
various information circulating on WAG or Youtube channels.

In Aceh, it is often referred to the state of political gossip
that occurred in Aceh, from online news. So, when we were invited to talk, the
tone and data to support the discussion were almost uniform. Therefore, it is
very easy to guess the direction of the conversation and the end of the hope
for the discussion. Usually often leads to things that are conspiratorial.

Similarly, children rely their knowledge imagination on the Tik
Tok . This platform has become a kind of RPAL (Rangkuman Pengetahuan Alam Lengkap/ The Summary of Natural
Knowledge ) or RPUL (Rangkuman Pengetahuan Umum Lengkap/ The Summary of General Knowledge ). They make
various social media applications, such as reading texts outside of their
lives. The distribution of information originating, for example, from 30
seconds, seems to help increase children’s knowledge in today’s era.

Likewise, teenagers who like to play games tend to look less
expressive on their faces. Sometimes when spoken to for a fraction of a second,
it is rather difficult to respond and coupled with a state of gawking. One of
the visible habits is not very interested in talking about something about
themselves. Then the face and clothes are like that, regardless of the
surroundings, because their brains and minds are drained into online games.

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Meanwhile, mothers who like make-up, cooking, traveling, and
preaching religion also have characteristics that are no different from the
situation above. Usually, they will play the Youtube application to search for
information that will reside in their mind’s data bank in their spare time.

Each busy with their world. No meaningful communication was
established between them. This is also found in cafes, where the atmosphere is
like a graveyard. All public places today are more like public graves. The
inhabitants are many but become undead or zombies.

The process of unification of information that enters the minds
of netizens causes the death of values
​​and feelings
in the current way of communicating. Likewise, public knowledge becomes
uniform, especially for those interested in current political issues in this
country. Due to the unification of information, the way of looking at the state
of affairs has become almost similar to one another.

This is when people’s knowledge can be controlled or often
referred to as mind control. This concept was primarily discussed in secret in
the past because it was so difficult to find facts and data to say that the
human mind can be controlled remotely. Today, this situation is increasingly showing
concrete evidence that digital devices can standardize knowledge. If the
reproduction of knowledge can be controlled and controlled by digital
platforms, then do not be surprised if the internet can control emotions.

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