Online Games and Gambling as Social Tuba


The phenomenon of online gaming and gambling is already acute in
our society. Both of these are social tuba. The tuba is a potent poison to kill
the target in traditional society. It can be in the form of food or drinks that
are served that contain poison. Sometimes, the poison kills the victim rapidly,
or it can be in a relatively long duration. This is because the substance in
the poison will devour the victim’s body, causing damage to the entire system
in the body. Finally, fall or die in an instant.

Here, online games and online gambling can be categorized as tuba
or poison. It is no exaggeration to say it is a social tuba. Therefore, these
two social phenomena have damaged the community’s immune system and social
life, especially in rural areas. Children and teenagers are drunk with online
games. Even parents can do nothing to deal with this social disease.

There are no weapons or powerful drugs to deal with online game
addiction, especially with online gambling. When I see young people in coffee
shops and under trees in villages, it seems that their minds have been
“hijacked” by what makes them very addicted to online games or

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Many have made a profit from this game. However, this advantage
is not the point of the impact of online games and gambling, but behavior that
has changed drastically. These behavioral changes may only be reviewed and
peeled off by psychiatrists. However, when this becomes a new culture in
society, other things arise, namely deviant behavior.

The funds in their shirt pockets will be drained for those
jobless or still looking up to their parents. In addition, their brains are
used more to think about winning matches or tournaments. Break time was not a
little disturbed. Working hard to prepare for a promising future is far from being

The above behavior may have a short-term impact. The long-term
impact as a social tube is that an unhealthy society emerges. Critical
reasoning becomes dull when you see them engrossed and mostly silent for hours
on end. Because thinking energy is used for something that is not productive in
thought. As a result, in the long run, they cannot face the real challenges of
life on this earth.

In short, the social tuba is a new disease from gambling and
online games. This symptom also appears among parents addicted to the games
offered on their gadgets. Some are forced to spend millions to tens of millions
of rupiah. Funds are drained systematically and systemically. There is
curiosity, and you do not want to lose when you are busy playing.

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